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Xkite, established in 2004, is a sports association with a vibrant community dedicated to making kitesurfing and wingfoiling accessible to everyone. Breaking the notion of an extreme sport, our kite center prioritizes safety, fun, and inclusivity. Affiliated with the Italian Sailing Federation since 2012, we pioneer projects, train future instructors, and collaborate with educational institutions. Our commitment extends to the youth, offering courses and camps, resulting in a thriving young competitive team. Pioneers of the lift service on Lake Garda, we provide assistance beyond lessons.

Our pillars:
Tight-knit community
Meet the dedicated team of certified instructors at Xkite, fueled by a shared passion for kitesurfing and a commitment to your success on the water.
Davide, a "son of XKite", now our president, embodies the spirit of the school. Starting as a young kiteboarding enthusiast, he progressed to become an instructor through dedication and talent. His enthusiasm, energy, and infectious smile make him an invaluable part of our team.
Marina is a dynamic force of nature, always in motion and full of energy. With a wealth of experience and unwavering determination, she excels as an instructor. Her emotional depth and passion infuse every lesson, creating a unique learning environment.
Federico, a true product of the Xkite's legacy. Starting kiteboarding at a young age through our courses, he evolved into one of our most seasoned riders, showcasing a blend of power and elegance on the water. Fluent in German, he brings a diverse skill set and can teach in multiple languages. Now transitioning to an instructor role, Federico's journey embodies the spirit of growth and excellence at Xkite.
Marco, a dynamic addition to our team at Xkite. Despite his recent arrival, he's quickly become indispensable, seamlessly managing everything from marketing to accounting and coordinating courses. With a knack for problem-solving and a contagious smile, Marco effortlessly transitions from the desk to the sailboat, from kites to the katapult. As an instructor, he brings his passion for watersports and his dedication to ensuring an exceptional experience for all our students.
Thomas, the founder with wind in his blood! From sailing dinghies to cabin cruisers, he's mastered them all. An early adopter of paragliding and ground traction kites, he's been pioneering watersports in Italy long before kitesurfing took off. While he's passed the presidential torch to Davide, you'll still find him around the school, sharing his wealth of experience and leading expeditions on Lake Garda with our "Katapulta". Creative, a bit messy, but unparalleled in his passion for adventure and exploration.

Manu,  the water's prodigy. With expertise in wing and windsurfing instruction, he navigates the waves with finesse. Soon to expand his skills to kite teaching, his dedication knows no bounds. Despite his youth, his prowess on the board is unparalleled. Beyond the waters, he's an avid rugby enthusiast, always seeking new challenges to push his limits.
Riccardo, our youngest kite instructor with a remarkable blend of youth and emotional intelligence. His adeptness ensures safe and seamless learning experiences for all. Passionate about empowering his students, he fosters growth from within. Off the waters, he's a fervent football player, bringing his enthusiasm and teamwork skills from the field to the water.
Giulia, our multitasking maestro! From the desk to the kiteboard, she's mastered every aspect of our operations. While she's stepped back from managing the school day-to-day, she's still the wizard behind the curtain, ensuring everything runs smoothly from administrative tasks to organizing sports activities. You'll often find her juggling between the computer and the kite, When she's not busy with the school, she enjoys training new instructors and showering love on her cats.
Margherita, our ray of sunshine, spreading good vibes and fostering a vibrant atmosphere for everyone around her. With her exceptional communication skills and keen eye for marketing, she ensures our school runs smoothly, guaranteeing our associates an unforgettable journey.
Lucia, our ever-smiling and meticulous newest team member. With a passion for singing, you'll often catch her humming a tune while keeping our school organized and assisting with administrative tasks, including bookings and reservations. In her free time, she enjoys leisurely walks by the lake at sunset, embracing the tranquility of nature
Xkite operates from the vibrant Malibu Beach Bar at Via Gardesana 11 in Assenza di Brenzone.
Our base offers not only thrilling water activities but also:
  • FREE Wi-Fi
Proud partners of leading kitesurfing brands - bringing you the best in equipment and innovation.

The Board of Directors is made up of 4 members
and is elected every 4 years.
At the moment the Board of Directors of the association is made up of Thomas Freddi (President), Francesco Ponti, Marina Bernasconi and Davide Celon.
To join our association and participate in our activities it's needed to
fill in the online registration request.
Come and get to know us better at our nautical headquarters
in Assenza di Brenzone sul Garda!
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