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He has the wind in the blood! Since childhood he devoted himself with success to the sailboat, going from most sports dinghies to cabin cruisers, and then approached  paragliding and flying kites traction on the ground (and buggy kitesnow) even before the birth of kitesurfing, of which was one of the forerunners in Italy. He will take care of you in the middle of Lake Garda with our "Katapulta", in search of the perfect wind, or to accompany you around the world in search of new spots where kiting. It 's the founder and the "brain" of our school: creative, messy ... unparalleled!
From the desk to kiteboard. She started in the office, but by dint of filling out forms, enroll students, prepare cards and rearrange materials, she is no longer able to stay away from the water, and now divides his time between the computer and the kite. It deals with the administrative and general organization of sports activities, but on occasion jump in the boat for a lesson, or to hold a race course. When she is not busy with school, she likes to move furniture (her house is transformed each month) and pet her cats.
The first true "local" of our center. Even when he is not with us, he keeps an eye on us from the balcony of his house, warning if the wind changes or if a boat is moored bad. He is a kind of "big brother" of xkite! And more that an assistant, he is a real guardian angel: when he's on the boat, yuo can ride relaxed
As a child, Luca is fascinated by anything that flies, from the acrobatic kites to power kite. And apparently his passion is hereditary, because his whole family follows him on his travels in search of the wind. He already has a job that keeps him busy most of the time, but when he manages to be one of us is a valuable helper and a great friend.
He is just 24 but is one of the most experienced rider in the school, he took part in two Italian Championships of Freestyle, winning third place in the 2012 Junior Championship. He is also fond of football, practicing in very good levels. Super careful and precise, he is a professional and patient collaborator, especially with young students of kite camp. But above all, he is the son or friend that everyone would like to have: honest, sincere and helpful. To be cloned!
He's so young but he's already an expert and talented kiter. Ho started kitesurfing since he was a kid, and he was spending a lot of time with us as assistant instructor. He loves every kind of sport and outdoor activity. He is also working as personal trainer. He has an incredible energy, we are sure he will make you smiling all the time!
Volcanic and instinctive, Marina is a true force of nature. Unable to stand still, between one lesson and another, he repairs kite or dedicates himself to other 3 or 4 jobs, just so as not to get bored! Experience and determination are the qualities that make her an excellent instructor, but you will also like its emotional and passionate side, the constant search for a balance between instinct and reason. She loves travel, animals, nature. His lifestyle is simple and sporty, certainly it is easier to see it on a board than on a pair of heels!
In addition to the instructors staff, our association is fortunate to be able to count on a large number of shareholders who lend freely and voluntarily to get the best from our activities, from those who inflate the kite on the boat in the most crowded days to those who help us to promote the sport during the fairs, to whom prepare bread and Nutella after the session... It would take pages to list them all, so we express our huge thank to all our friends!
Xkite - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
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