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A real lesson in piloting the kite, in which you will learn to manage the kite safely, alongside the instructor, thanks to the support of our boats: in practice, this is the first lesson of our basic course. It starts from the foundamental commands, to understand the behavior and responsiveness of the kite, then move on to the various maneuvers: then you will learn to take off and land the kite, and you will try to keep it in the neutral zone. A this time you will start to handle the power of the kite, using both the de-power system and the kite-speed to generate traction. These drills are held on board the boat, in complete safety, assisted by the instructor. The participation fee is 80 € per person. If you're not already a xkite member, also calculates our membership fee (20 Euros ).

Come and find out that learning is easy and fun! You'll spend an afternoon dedicated to get to know our school and this exciting sport: aboard one of our boats you will be taken in the middle of the lake, where you can watch a lesson and follow closely the tricks of the more experienced athletes. The kite demo is a recreational and demonstration activity, suitable for children, groups and families too. We recommend to wear comfortable clothes, suitable to the boat, which also includes a long-sleeved sweatshirt or jacket, hat or sunglasses. On warmer days also remember a bottle of water and sunscreen! The participation fee is only 30 euro per person: in this amount is already included also the membership fee to join our association and participate in our activities.
It takes just a few clicks to participate in our activities.

1. Contact us to agree on course dates and times. You can use the online form below, write to us at info@xlite.it or contact us by phone or whatsapp at no. +39 338 8287 886

2. Fill in the  registration form  that you find below. You will receive all the information about our association and to pay the fees.

3. You just have to come to the appointment!
Xkite - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
email: info@xkite.it - tel +39 338 82 87 886
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