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We were the first on Lake Garda to organize the "lift " service , also known as " shuttle", to allow members to practice the sport safely, starting directly from water and exercising in peace. Suitable motor boats accompany the riders in the middle of the Lake, assisting in the operations of preparation and take-off: the kite is inflated with the compressor on the boat, then our assistants check the lines and verify that the kite is properly connected. At this point you can relaunch the kite directly from the water. All operations then takes place away from obstacles and in the best wind conditions. The boats remain in the area for all the time in which the riders sail, then collect them and bring them back to the ground at the end of their training.


First experience with us this year? You have to fill the association entry form to be part of the club, then you just have to show up!
Are you already member of the club? If you want you can create your personal account and book your lift. Reservation is not mandatory but will help us to organize the boats.

1. Starting from the boat -lift , prepare the kite without inflate it if type one-pump or by inflating the secondary bladders only if they are separated . Connect the lines and check them carefully sliding them from the bar to the attachment points .
2. Wrap with care lines around the bar and lock it in such a way that they can not get tangled during transport .
3. Fold the kite from the ends toward the center , and then locked the bar on kite rolled up , making sure it does not move.

The boat staff will help you with dropping the lines from the bar into the water as the boat keeps moving upwind . Meanwhile they will inflat the leading edge with the compressor . After reviewing the lines you will be hooked and will proceed to launch. Our assistants will help you in all these operations .

In order to practice the sport of kitesurfing at our center you need an insurance cover for damage to third parties and your own injuries . If you have not ,here is some suggestions foa an online insurance: Safety Tool  o Multisport!

Remember, life jacket and wetsuit are required ; if you use the safety leash for the board , it is mandatory the use of a helmet .
To ensure recovery in case of need they must use a cell phone with a good waterproof case , on which to store the phone numbers to call in case of need. Finally, we recommend you to write your address and phone number on the board and on the sail : if you lose the equipment in water can at least hope for the good hearts of those who were to find it.

Single Lift: 35 €
Daily Lift ( 2 rides ): 60 €
Subscription 10 lift: 280 €
Subscription 20 lift: 540
Season ticket: 650 €
Old members season ticket: 600 €
Season ticket Under 18: 520 €

In the images below shows the navigation areas with the two predominant winds of the lake , Pelèr the morning and the afternoon Ora. Can still be established navigation areas other than those listed below in the case of particular wind conditions, special events , regattas , etc. Anyway, you must follow the directives of the drivers of the boats

We inform you about the measures that our Association has taken to contain possible contagions from Coronavirus, and we remind you that the staff is at your disposal for any further information.

Access to the clubhouse and spaces is allowed only to xkite / Acquafresca S.C. The registration or renewal request is made through a special online form on the website
It is not allowed to enter the clubhouse and in any space of the club, even outdoors, in the presence of fever (over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms or if you have been in contact with people positive to the virus in the previous 14 days.
Where, even after entry, the user experiences the existence of dangerous conditions (symptoms of flu, or body temperature above 37.5 °), he must immediately notify the staff.
The use of changing rooms and showers is not allowed. Changes must be made outdoors using bathrobes. Clothes, shoes and personal items must be stored in a personal bag to be left in a special outdoor area.
Where possible, avoid access to the office and contact the secretariat by phone / email. On the website, special online procedures for enrolling in the association and booking activities have been provided.

Participation in the activities is allowed only to members and upon reservation by phone or through special online forms on the website
The ground briefing activities will take place outdoors while keeping the distance of at least one meter.
For the entire stay on the ground and during boat transfers, the use of the mask and the spacing of at least one meter is required. On the boats of the association, the places where it is allowed to sit to ensure spacing have been marked.
During practical activity in water, the use of the mask is not required, as the spacing is always greater than 2 meters. Members are however required to keep the mask with them by placing it in a watertight envelope in order to re-wear it when they get back on the boat.
Those who use the center's equipment must follow the instructions of the staff to sanitize after each use. Wetsuits, life jackets, helmets and harnesses are sanitized by means of a chlorine-based solution bath. Boats and kites are periodically treated with alcohol or chlorine based products.
Each member is responsible for arming and disarming their equipment or that used by the association, as well as loading and unloading it from the boat.

To participate in the "lift " is necessary :
1. to be associated xkite a.s.d. or in other FIV companies with medical certificate in order to practice non competitive sports;
2. to be autonomous riders and know the regulations for the practice of kiteboarding;
3. to have adequate insurance for personal injuries and third party, valid for the current year;
4. to have adequate and complete equipment ( inflatable sailing with a reliable security system, board, harness, wetsuit, life jacket);
5. to have a cell phone with water resistant or waterproof case with numbers to call for assistance or recovery.

1. the lift is in the transport and subsequent recovery of the members and their equipment in the water previously agreed , by appropriate motor boats , to allow the sport of kiteboarding ; members participating in this activity must therefore be autonomous in preparing the equipment , navigation ,  relaunch the kite from the water , in being able to reach the area agreed for recovery.

2. "lift " normally are performed in the morning , with meeting at the headquarters boating from 7.00 to 08.00 , or the afternoon , with meeting from 13.00 to 13.30 . The actual time of the output will be decided at the discretion of the drivers of the boats , according to weather conditions and the intensity of the wind. If it is not possible to lift due to adverse weather conditions or for lack of wind , the output can be recovered at a later date .

3. The lift is considered done when the person falls into the water by the boat : it is therefore up to each member , based on his own experience and his own physical condition , the weather conditions and the equipment used , decide whether to take to the water .

4. Riders who intend to make a lift must get on the boat with the kite ready for the launch : lines must be properly attached to the kite and well wrapped around the boom ; the secondary bladder inflated (except kite with one-pump system ) , the fins and streps of the board set . The verification tests of the equipment need to be done on the ground before the lift to avoid delays . Who uses materials provided the school has to be ensured checking of application , and immediately report in answering any damage , defects or malfunctions .

5. The individual navigation must be made in full compliance with existing rules of the Code of Navigation and local regulations .

6. The navigation must be in the water area agreed with the drivers of the boats to facilitate the recovery and rescue operations . Remember, it is mandatory to keep deviating from the routes of the boats that perform public service and the areas reserved for workouts and races authorized by the competent bodies .

7. Members must keep the life jacket always worn:

8. Members who make the lift should carry a cell phone equipped with adequate waterproof case , to be used in case of need to communicate with the drivers of the boats , for example, to report problems or to ask to be recovered at a point other than that previously agreed.

9. The drivers of the boats will be able to recover the shareholders before the scheduled time and without their having reported the request , in the event of a weather alert , excessive removal of the member from the agreed , or if they decide is appropriate for security reasons . The decision of the drivers of the boats is unquestionable and not entitled

10. Who uses equipment provided by the school must return it dry and tidy. The kite should be stored dry in the bag , with the lines attached to the sail and well wrapped to the bar.

11. The drivers of the boats and the association xkite disclaim any and all liability that may arise for damage to people , animals and / or things both on land and in water as a result of the practice of the sport of kiteboarding by shareholders.


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