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The kite-camp are courses dedicated to children and teenagers, aged 10 to 16 years, both beginners and experts, with the formula "all inclusive" which includes room and board. The camp combines sport and fun in an intense group life experience: the students spend five days full-immersion, away from home, experimenting with independence from their parents and habits of everyday life.
From day to day, depending on the wind, we can alternate practical exercises in water and ground theory moments (meteorology, aerodynamics, maintenance and repair of the equipment, etc.). During the exercises in the water, the children are divided into groups as homogeneous as possible by age and experience. We adapt the equipment, teaching tools and exercises according to age, physical characteristics and technical level of each student. The guys just starting out will work mainly on the control of the kite, the basic maneuvers, and self rescue techniques. Most experts will train with advanced kiting techniques.
In addition to educational and sports activities are also provided moments of relaxation and play, to encourage socialization and the emergence of new friends.

Start: monday 9 a.m. - End: friday 6 p.m.
We can organize a kite camp with a minimum of 5 kids, starting from June 15.

DAILY PRIOGRAM                                     
· 8.00 a.m. wake up
· 8.30 a.m. breackfast
· 9 - 12.30 sport activities  
· 12.30 - 2.30 p.m. lunch and free time
· 12.30 - 6.00 p.m. sport activities  
· 6.00 - 7.00 p.m. relax and shower
· 7.00 - 8.00 p.m. free time   
· 8.00 p.m. dinner and free time
· 10.30 p.m. good night!    
The accomodation is provided in rooms of 4 places, bungalow or apartment, under the supervision of our staff. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the restaurant of the Club.

The entry fee si 600 euro and includes:
- Monday lunch and dinner
- breacfast, lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Thursday
- Friday breackfast and lunch
- 4 nights accomodation in bungalow or apartment
- lessons and activities
- techincal equipment (wetsuit, safety jacket, harness, ecc.)
- kite equipment (kite and board)
- xkite club entry fee
- Italian Sailing Federation entry fee
The fee does'nt include:  extra drinks (soft drinks, ice creams, etc.)
For those wishing to participate in the kite camp without overnight stays, the fee is reduced -60 Euros.
It 'a charge of +30 Euros for those who want to arrive on Sunday evening

We need a medical certificate for non-competitive sporting activity and the following entry forms:
- association request form
- kite camp entry form
- Italian Sailing Federation FIV entry form

Contact us by email ( or phone (+39 338 82 87 886) to book the dates in wich you want to take lessons. We will send you the entry forms. Send us the forms by email ( or using whatsapp (+39 338 82 87 886)

You can pay by bank transfer
IBAN:  IT36 Q 05034 59300 000 000 020225
account owner "xkite - associazione sportiva dilettantistica"
Xkite - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
email: - tel +39 338 82 87 886
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