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From the first approach with a kite to the first emotion with the board.

- one-to-one lessons, for a fast and safe learning
- we use support boats, so the instructor is always close to the student
- full equipment is included (kite, board, wetsuit, life jacket, trapezio, ecc.)
- we practice far away from the beach, so we have better wind and all the free space we need
- we use radio-helmets, so that we can always stay in contact with the students when they are in the water

During the course, moments of theory on the ground alternate with practical exercises, for a total of approximately 5/6 actual hours of lessons, to which must be added the preparation times, the boat trip, and the alternation of the students (maximum three). To complete the program, therefore, it takes one or two days, even if not consecutive.

The participation fee for the basic course amount to 260 euro. If you're not already a member of our club, you also have to consider the entry-fee of our association (€20).

- prevention and safety rules
- kite set up, terminology
- wind window, aerodynamic
- safety systems
- self-rescue
- rights of way
- landing and tacking off
- piloting the kite in the neutral zone
- piloting the kite in the power zone
- de-power system and trim
- downwind body-drag
- upwind body-drag
- board recovering
- first waterstart

The school provides all the equipment needed for lessons, including wetsuit, life jacket, helmet, etc. .
Will be useful:
- Shoes and comfortable clothing for the lessons on the ground ;
- Suit and shirt made of cotton or lycra to keep underneath your wetsuit for the exercises in the water;
- A jacket to protect you from the spray when you are in the boat;
- The need for a shower once back on the ground.

It takes just a few clicks to participate in our activities.

1. Contact us to agree on course dates and times. You can use the online form below, write to us at or contact us by phone or whatsapp at no. +39 338 8287 886

2. Fill in the  registration form  that you find below. You will receive all the information about our association and to pay the fees.

3. You just have to come to the appointment!
Xkite - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
email: - tel +39 338 82 87 886
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