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To all members

We inform you about the measures that our Association has taken to contain possible contagions from Coronavirus, and we remind you that the staff is at your disposal for any further information.

Access to the clubhouse and spaces is allowed only to xkite / Acquafresca S.C. The registration or renewal request is made through a special online form on the website
It is not allowed to enter the clubhouse and in any space of the club, even outdoors, in the presence of fever (over 37.5 °) or other flu symptoms or if you have been in contact with people positive to the virus in the previous 14 days.
Where, even after entry, the user experiences the existence of dangerous conditions (symptoms of flu, or body temperature above 37.5 °), he must immediately notify the staff.
The use of changing rooms and showers is not allowed. Changes must be made outdoors using bathrobes. Clothes, shoes and personal items must be stored in a personal bag to be left in a special outdoor area.
Where possible, avoid access to the office and contact the secretariat by phone / email. On the website, special online procedures for enrolling in the association and booking activities have been provided.

Participation in the activities is allowed only to members and upon reservation by phone or through special online forms on the website
The ground briefing activities will take place outdoors while keeping the distance of at least one meter.
For the entire stay on the ground and during boat transfers, the use of the mask and the spacing of at least one meter is required. On the boats of the association, the places where it is allowed to sit to ensure spacing have been marked.
During practical activity in water, the use of the mask is not required, as the spacing is always greater than 2 meters. Members are however required to keep the mask with them by placing it in a watertight envelope in order to re-wear it when they get back on the boat.
Those who use the center's equipment must follow the instructions of the staff to sanitize after each use. Wetsuits, life jackets, helmets and harnesses are sanitized by means of a chlorine-based solution bath. Boats and kites are periodically treated with alcohol or chlorine based products.
Each member is responsible for arming and disarming their equipment or that used by the association, as well as loading and unloading it from the boat.

The following hygiene practices are recommended:
• Wash your hands frequently, as per health prescription
• Wear the prescribed contagion prevention devices when not directly engaged in water training;
• Never touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands;
• Sneezing and / or coughing in a tissue avoiding contact of the hands with respiratory secretions; if you do not have a handkerchief available, sneeze into the inner fold of the elbow;
• Avoid leaving clothing worn for physical activity in places shared with others, but store them in backpacks or personal bags and, once you have returned home, wash them separately from other clothing;
• Always drink from disposable glasses or personalized bottles;
• Throw away the paper tissues or other used materials such as plasters, bandages etc., (well sealed) in suitable containers.
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