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To participate in the "lift " is necessary :
1. to be associated xkite a.s.d. or in other FIV companies with medical certificate in order to practice non competitive sports;
2. to be autonomous riders and know the regulations for the practice of kiteboarding;
3. to have adequate insurance for personal injuries and third party, valid for the current year;
4. to have adequate and complete equipment ( inflatable sailing with a reliable security system, board, harness, wetsuit, life jacket);
5. to have a cell phone with water resistant or waterproof case with numbers to call for assistance or recovery.


1. the lift is in the transport and subsequent recovery of the members and their equipment in the water previously agreed , by appropriate motor boats , to allow the sport of kiteboarding ; members participating in this activity must therefore be autonomous in preparing the equipment , navigation ,  relaunch the kite from the water , in being able to reach the area agreed for recovery.

2. "lift " normally are performed in the morning , with meeting at the headquarters boating from 7.00 to 08.00 , or the afternoon , with meeting from 13.00 to 13.30 . The actual time of the output will be decided at the discretion of the drivers of the boats , according to weather conditions and the intensity of the wind. If it is not possible to lift due to adverse weather conditions or for lack of wind , the output can be recovered at a later date .

3. The lift is considered done when the person falls into the water by the boat : it is therefore up to each member , based on his own experience and his own physical condition , the weather conditions and the equipment used , decide whether to take to the water .

4. Riders who intend to make a lift must get on the boat with the kite ready for the launch : lines must be properly attached to the kite and well wrapped around the boom ; the secondary bladder inflated (except kite with one-pump system ) , the fins and streps of the board set . The verification tests of the equipment need to be done on the ground before the lift to avoid delays . Who uses materials provided the school has to be ensured checking of application , and immediately report in answering any damage , defects or malfunctions .

5. The individual navigation must be made in full compliance with existing rules of the Code of Navigation and local regulations .

6. The navigation must be in the water area agreed with the drivers of the boats to facilitate the recovery and rescue operations . Remember, it is mandatory to keep deviating from the routes of the boats that perform public service and the areas reserved for workouts and races authorized by the competent bodies .

7. Members must keep the life jacket always worn:

8. Members who make the lift should carry a cell phone equipped with adequate waterproof case , to be used in case of need to communicate with the drivers of the boats , for example, to report problems or to ask to be recovered at a point other than that previously agreed.

9. The drivers of the boats will be able to recover the shareholders before the scheduled time and without their having reported the request , in the event of a weather alert , excessive removal of the member from the agreed , or if they decide is appropriate for security reasons . The decision of the drivers of the boats is unquestionable and not entitled

10. Who uses equipment provided by the school must return it dry and tidy. The kite should be stored dry in the bag , with the lines attached to the sail and well wrapped to the bar.

11. The drivers of the boats and the association xkite disclaim any and all liability that may arise for damage to people , animals and / or things both on land and in water as a result of the practice of the sport of kiteboarding by shareholders.


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