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Fast, easy to handle, acrobatic... the wingfoil is conquering all watersport enthusiasts but it is also accessible to those who have no previous experience in other sailing sports. To maximize results, our school offers private or semi-private lessons (2/3 students), which guarantee the fastest and safest learning possible. Each lesson has a variable duration from one and a half to two hours, depending on the number of students and their level. It is possible to take advantage of the north wind typical of the early morning hours (approx. 8.30 - 11.00) or schedule lessons in the afternoon, with the characteristic thermal breeze (approx. 2.30 - 5.00 p.m.). The school provides all the equipment, including wetsuits and life jackets: we have both sup boards for beginners and foil boards for those who already have experience. All you have to do is contact us to sign up and schedule your first lesson!

Our plus value:
- lessons are private or semi-private (2/3 students), to allow for the fastest and most effective learning possible;
- we use a motorized support vehicle, in order to always be close to the students;
- we use helmets equipped with radios, in order to be able to communicate effectively at all times;
- we choose the best equipment based on the physical characteristics of each student, his level of experience and his style of navigation


Private lesson (1 person for an hour and a half/two hours): 130 euros per person
Semi-private lesson (2/3 people for an hour and a half/two hours): 90 euros per person

Package of 3 private lessons: 350 euros
Package of 3 semi-private lessons: 240 euros

Package of 5 private lessons: 520 euros
Package of 5 semi-private lessons: 360 euros


- introduction to wing
- exercises with the wing on the ground
- practice on the simulator on the ground
- entry into the water
- first riding exercises
- transition from kneeling posture to standing posture
- introduction to the "pump" with the wing

- luff and bear away
- riding in the different directions
- introduction to the foil board
- management of balance and posture
- introduction to the "pump" with the board
- riding on the foil

- attitudes in the different gaits
- manoeuvres, changes of direction
Xkite - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica
Società Affiliata alla Federazione Italiana Vela
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